World Dairy Expo

Showing dairy cows is a popular hobby among many farmers. These farmers spend their time and money showing these cows as well as selling and buying new cows. The World Dairy Expo is the world’s largest dairy show. It is a five day event that showcases the finest genetics, and the newest technologies available to the dairy farming world.

To the farmers in the cow industry, The World Dairy Expo is the biggest show of the year. It is the time when cows of all types, such as Holsteins, Jerseys, and Ayrshires all come together into one show and auction. It is the best of the best as far as farmers are concerned, and to place at this show is a great honor.

Getting ready for this show is probably the most difficult task for farmers. It requires choosing the right cows to take to the show, cosmetically enhancing them, and transporting them to Wisconsin for the show. The longest process is making them cosmetically appealing. To get them looking cosmetically appealing to the judges, they have to wash them, shave them, trim their hooves, stretch their bags, which all happens before departure to the show. While at the show, the cows need to be milked by hand everyday or the cows will be in a lot of pain, and will refuse to walk. They also have to put on minor finishing touches while at the show. These touches include up brushing the hair along their spine, and putting hairspray in it so that it stays. During this time, they also put a colour spray on them to make the cows look as if they have no flaws. Lastly, they give cows injections that are like temporary botox to make it seem like the cows have no imperfections from carrying calves. As you can tell, cow shows are taken extremely seriously, they are like beauty pageants for cows!

As for spectators, there are many scheduled events that they can participate in! Watching the show is just as exciting as being in it. The spectators can take part in watching the shows, the auction and educating seminars. The point of the show being open to spectators is to educate and inform people and encourage them to join the 4-H, cow showing group! By attending the seminars different milking options and how to optimize income when owning a dairy farm, people are more likely to think about operating a cow farm. The World Dairy Expo is the largest place for cow seminars to take place, as there is on average 2 or 3 seminars a day, all talking about how to optimize your dairy farm experience and how to start your own farm. Aside from the educational pros from dairy shows, spectators get to enjoy the cow show environment. Speaking as someone who has been to many shows, there is nowhere else where you can get the feeling that you get while at a show. Seeing as The World Dairy Expo is the world’s largest cow show, I am willing to bet it is an amazing time! The people that you meet while at shows are amazing, and it is an all around great experience.

As you have learned, The Dairy Expo is a great experience for both cow enthusiasts and those who just want to learn more about them! Between learning about what it is like to have a dairy farm, and experiencing the cow show life, everyone who goes to this huge, global cow show is going to come out being a cow enthusiast!

3 thoughts on “World Dairy Expo

  1. Emily this is so cute! I’ve never really second glanced at cows, but this essay changed my mind! I loved all the information you proved and cow shows sound really fun!

  2. Emily,

    Very interesting essay! I never knew so much about cows, or that there is a actually such a large dairy expo for cows either! I liked how you used your second paragraph to mainly provide the reader with more information on your topic. Also you provided much information on this subject, proving that you were passionate and knew much about your topic. Cow shows sound like a great environment, maybe I will get the privilege of attending one someday.

  3. Emily,

    Great essay! You are quite successful in convincing the reader that the world dairy expo is a great experience for all, and bring up many valid points while also educating the reader on the expo. I also found it quite an interesting and entertaining essay, which was easy to read.

    Your essay is right on the word count which is also fantastic!

    Some areas of improvement could be: fixing some minor grammar mistakes, and use of a more broad vocabulary.

    Also, don’t feel limited to the standard 5 paragraph format! Maybe try and change it up from the traditional style in your next essay.

    Great work!

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