Canada’s Journey to Salvage the Blue Planet


The planet Earth is made up of two-thirds water. The oceans are vast, and a large portion still remains unexplored. Because of the immense size of the oceans, it was thought that there could be no end to the fish supply. Eating fish is an excellent source of protein, and can be much less expensive than other types of meat, and it could be bought locally in many parts of Canada, so people thought they were doing a good thing by buying lots of fish. Methods of fishing were created to boost productivity, not taking into account the negative impacts. They destroyed habitats, and dwindled down fish populations. Canada is no exception, as it is home to the largest coastline in the world, making it a hotspot for all kinds of ocean life. The fishing industry brought in more fish than Canadians could eat, so they exported mass amounts, making billions of dollars annually. But now, scientists are reporting acidification of water, habitat loss and species under threat, so can Canadians truly be stewards of the ocean while continuing to fish? READ MORE

Binge Drinking


What we must ask ourselves and each other is why binge drinking is so popular and can it be dangerous to yourself and those around you? The social aspect, overwhelming dangers that members of our society face, and addiction and mental impact that substance abuse and binge drinking bring upon those affected is a tremendous concern that must be voiced. READ MORE

Turning Disability into Prosperity in Canada


Sarah writes a heartfelt and articulate essay about the opportunities that Canada provides for people with developmental disabilities. She explores the various obstacles that make it hard to live a full life, with an education and a regular job, the hope of most Canadians. She uses personal experience to help you navigate through the challenges and the possibilities. THE LINKĀ