The Success of a Shopaholic

The Success of a Shopaholic

Brianne Croteau

Everyone has dreams and aspirations. Some dream to thrive in their personal lives, while others aspire to do well academically. Regardless, a defined set of skills is required in order to face challenges on the way to success.  I have acquired the skills necessary for my success through shopping. Being a regular consumer has developed my multi-tasking, creativity, and motivation.

Multi-tasking while shopping has promoted my success. Shopping can be extremely time-consuming, not leaving much room for homework or the gym. Making transactions helps me build my budgeting skills for accounting class, leading to my academic success. Shopping has also lead to my physical achievements. Parking far away from the door and taking the stairs enables me to fit in a brief cardiovascular workout while at the mall. Not to mention, trying on clothes can also work up a sweat. Since it is equally important to perform strength exercises, I am sure not to delegate the dreadful task of carrying heavy shopping bags. If you are like me, you purposely buy several pairs of shoes to add up to a significant weight. Hence, multi-tasking while shopping has resulted in my academic and physical success.

Shopping has built my creativity, helping me to succeed. I have been relentlessly told that I can be anything I want to be, and shopping allows me to truly feel that way. Trying on the perfect blazer transforms me into a prime businesswoman, and the right pair of stilettos dares me to feel like a celebrity. This creativity leads to my success, as I am able to imagine scenarios that are often outside of my comfort zone. Though, choosing outfits is hardly the only way my imagination is provoked when shopping. Most shopaholics would agree that their closet is one of their greatest companions. After a trip to the mall I am forced to find innovative ways to store purchases in a closet whose size is less than satisfactory. Being able to creatively solve problems easily transfers into everyday situations. Therefore, the creativity developed through my shopping endeavors enables me to think outside the box and problem-solve to help me succeed.

Shopping drives my motivation to be successful. Knowing a shopping spree awaits me, I am determined to achieve my goals at work and school alike. At my part-time job, I am continuously accepting extra shifts and taking on additional responsibilities. This work ethic is rewarded with more scheduled hours, promotions, and the title of employee of the month. These are all opportunities that provide me with more spending money. This extra cash flow, used for shopping, inspires me to be an outstanding employee at all times. Likewise, at school I am motivated to achieve a high level of academic standards to secure a promising future. This future will consist of employment that comes with a hefty paycheck to finance my constant need to shop. My motivation of shopping allows me to succeed at work, school, and ultimately at life.

Evidently, the skills I have obtained through shopping are crucial for my success. Multi-tasking, creativity, and motivation are skills not only necessary for a bright future, but for everyday occurrences as well. Bearing all the strengths I have developed through shopping in mind, my name is Brianne Croteau and I am proud to be a shopaholic.

2 thoughts on “The Success of a Shopaholic

  1. I have never really thought of shopping like this. However now that you have pointed it out, I find it really interesting that these are some of the skills you can get from shopping!

  2. One for the ladies, although that may be sexist – one for consumerism and a healthy economy! A pleasure to read this, you have a well developed sense of humour. Plus you wrote a well organized little essay, well said Brie.

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