In Premier Dalton McGuinty’s keynote address to the Building Blocks for Education Whole System Reform Summit 2010, he said, “Lesson Seven: You’re never done. You’re never done learning about how to do things better and you’re never done applying those lessons.” As we move away from a manufacturing-based economy towards a more creative, idea-driven economy, teachers need to add an entirely new set of competencies to their teaching. Effective use of technology in learning will empower and inspire students – they will fall in love with learning all over again.

My teaching practice is based on the principles of personalized, collaborative, authentic project based learning – information fluency instead of content memorization – with strong emphasis on freedom of expression, freedom of choice, creativity and student driven learning.

I have been an educator inspired by innovation since 2000. My classroom is an example of 21st century fluencies at work: a fully equipped Apple computer lab with digital cameras and microphones. Students practice digital citizenship collaborating with wikis, producing socially relevant documentaries and sharing their ideas, projects and proposals with the global community. I utilize the Internet to reach and engage my students and challenge them to make a difference in their worlds.

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