Assignments ASM3M

Join our Diigo Group HERE. You will be asked to share a resource through our Diigo group that is relevant to the Media Arts program during the semester.

Screen Writing

We will be writing a screenplay, starting with some basic writing exercises.

1. First of all, decide on a main character and create a “story cloud”. Put your main character’s name in the middle. Then, around their name, list some emotions that make up their personality. Be specific, instead of using fear, use fear of the dark, or fear of public washrooms. Then, in the next circle, list some circumstances that would provoke or reveal these emotional states, like being locked in a closet, or using the washroom at the mall. Then make your next level, secondary characters. Give them more than a two dimensional presence in the diagram. Describe some aspect of their personality when listing them, like condescending boss or father with a savage temper. You can then draw line between and amongst these items that intertwine the emotions, situations and characters. You can change or add at whim.

Creating your cloud diagram provides you with a form in which you can explore and see your unconscious at work. You aren’t creating your plot, you are getting a rough sense of what your story might be about.

2. Write the opening scene Spend some time creating the opening scene. See the class notes on ASM3M page for more details on how to do this.

3. Continue writing your screenplay. Have companions read and offer suggestions as it progresses.

4. Form small groups (4/5) to produce the short film. Select a screenplay to use.

Use this Short Film Rubric_ASM3M for assessing your film. Download it Short Film Rubric_ASM3M.

Next Assignment Project

Possible Project Ideas:

Documentary on an important social or environment issue

Mini-Documentary to showcase any one of the school departments on the Westdale Web Site – French Immersion, Music, Media Arts, English, Math etc.

Contact a local business and determine if they need to have some promotional materials produced: brochure, commercial, posters, web site help, etc.

A radio drama

A significant Music video – appropriate song, exact lip synching, polished, professional

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