Download the Course Outline ASM20 Course Outline 2011 The Curriculum page link is HERE

Link to Photoshop Tutorials

Your missions so far:
1. join the HWDSB Commons
2. Make a blog on the Commons
3. Upload your Photoshop Morphed animal on the Media Arts Commons Blog. Name your new animal.
4. Leave a NICE comment on someone’s uploaded morphed animal.
5. Make a new banner for your new blog in Photoshop

Pixellation Assignment

1. Make a small group of no more than 6 students.
2. You will take photos together, but, each person(s) who have a computer will be producing their own Pixellation film.
3. Take at least 200 photos
4. Copy these onto each of the group member’s computers
5. Put these into Final Cut Pro
6. Add your music
7. Edit

Requirements. Download the PDF PixellationASM2010

Requirement Description
One minute Exactly 1 minute
Music/Sound Appropriate, Music fades at end
2 Final Cut Pro Filters Used List the2 filters that you used in Final Cut Pro:______________________________________________________________________________________
Graphics Credits for editors and songs
Original Photographs only All photos taken by students from this class, no Internet photos
Editing Quick Check No extra photos on timeline not used Music is layered properly Music is appropriate Sound levels are even No black “holes” between clips on timeline
Photo quality Photos are properly framed, have right level of exposure, and are properly focused (NOT blurry)
Experimentation is encouraged – safety is first when shooting footage
Shots appropriate for class audience: no humiliation, violence, drug use, overtly sexual footage allowed.

Assignment # 2 Recreating a scene from a movie

For this assignment, choose a scene from the movie and re-create it as best as you can. Draw out each shot on your storyboard.
Outline your scene in the Westdale Media Wiki.
Download the rubric Short Film Rubric 2010. All requirements are listed on this rubric.

Assignment # 3 Garage Band Song: Individual Assignment

 For this assignment, watch the above tutorials on Garage Band. Produce your own song 2 – 3 minutes long. Detailed requirements:1. original music only2. utilize the tracking system. Use a variety of instruments that compliment your song. You must have 4 tracks at SOME point in your song.3. create a melody with a  beat that keeps its flow throughout the song4. experiment with various instruments 5. Post your song on the Westdale Commons blog site.

Assignment # 4 In Pairs, A Short Film Treatment

1. Getting that story idea. The main parts of a story consists of:

  • 1.  A character is in a zone of comfort, they are at home or somewhere familiar
  • 2.  But they want something
  • 3.  They enter an unfamiliar situation
  • 4.  Adapt to it: learn a new language, become stronger, get good at something, etc.
  • 5.  Get what they wanted
  • 6.  Pay a heavy price for it
  • 7.  Then return to their familiar situation
  • 8.  Having changed

a) Look through the news sites and find a good story premise. Find 3 story ideas and list the following from each one. For example:

  • 1.  A character is in a zone of comfort – Dorothy Gale is at home with her aunt and uncle and little dog Toto
  • 2.  But they want something – she wants adventure and freedom
  • 3.  They enter an unfamiliar situation – she gets blown to Oz and her house lands on the Wicked Witch of the East
  • 4.  Adapt to it – she travels down the yellow brick road looking for the Wizard of Oz, making friends along the way – Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion
  • 5.  Get what they wanted – she finds out how to get home from the Wizard of Oz
  • 6.  Pay a heavy price for it – she must kill the Wicked Witch of the West first
  • 7.  Then return to their familiar situation – gets home again
  • 8.  Having changed – she loves her home now – “No place like home”

b) Reach back into your memory and remember the worst or best thing that ever happened to you. How did you feel? Where were you? Who was with you? Write up one story idea from each of you, using the 8 step guide.

c) WHAT IF? Use this question to come up with three possible story ideas. For example, what if you woke up 40 years older? What if you found a winning lottery ticket? List your ideas like: What if…

2.Choose a story idea. Write an opening scene of your movie based on your chosen story:

Write the opening scene of your story. This will happen in an action sequence. Your audience has just been invited to “drop in” to an already ongoing sequence of action for your characters.

Introduce characters

Show the goal of the character

Show the problem or obstacle that main character has to overcome in order to attain his/her goal.

Let your audience know what the potential price your character must pay in order to get what they want and the possible consequences for that character.

3. Setting:

Take a photo of the setting, then alter it in Photoshop to enhance the mood, atmosphere of your story. Post both before and after photos. For example if you story is a horror film – darken the photo, add shadows, “ghosts” “blood” etc to the photo that you take. Put the title of your film onto this photo.

4. Make a 1 – 2 minute trailer about your story.

Produce a  trailer to promote your story to your audience. You may use the digital video camera or use the still camera to produce a stop frame animation. Your trailer must have:

  1. a production logo
  2. appropriate music
  3. credits “starring___”
  4. opening date in theaters ______
  5. a dramatic sequence or montage of high points from your movie
  6. the audience must be able to get a good idea on what your film is about: introduce the main characters, the general plot outline – this could include an action sequence, dialogue between characters etc.

5. Hand your assignment in on the flash drive. Your story ideas and scene will be on a word or text document. You may post your answer on your profile page on the Westdale Commons Blog. Hand in your trailer as a .mov file on the flash drive.

Final Individual Project:
Make a 60 – 70 second compilation of all of your assignments in Media Art.
This means take the best 10 seconds of your pixellation, scene re-enactment, movie trailer, how to or music video plus your morphed animal made with Photoshop (about 3 or 4 seconds) and put them all together in one film. Add animated graphics to label each segment with the title of that film/animal. Add one special effect (remember the gun shots and explosions), one sound effect and put your name as the producer with Motion.

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