Small, Fuzzy, and Misunderstood.


What is the first thought that comes to mind when someone brings up a rodent? How about if the word “ferret” manages to wiggle its way into a conversation? If you’re first reaction is “Ew, rodent!”, you are not alone. Many people are ignorant to the true nature of ferrets or their general existence, most people don’t know how great they are as pets, how quirky they are, and how easy to take care of they are. Because of their resemblance to rodents many people will never take the time to learn these things.

When it comes to being a pet, ferrets are the best there is. They are better than dogs for a couple of reasons. The first being that they don’t bark. Other people can come over and they don’t feel the need to bark loudly or feel the need to be obnoxiously in everyones’ face. They don’t need to go for walks, they can if you want to on warm days, as they can’t go out in the cold or in the extreme heat. If you don’t want to leave your house one day you don’t need to, they don’t need to go outside, you can stay inside all day. They also can’t take up a large space on any furniture or beds. They are also better than cats, as they are not as mood swingy. They can also be litter trained, but you can get special pellet litter so it doesn’t smell like litter. They are smaller and don’t need as much attention, as they are quite happy just to run around and play with what they can find. They don’t need all the care that cats and dogs do, as long as you are willing to get down on the floor sometimes and play with them.

Ferrets are very quirky and have tons of personality. Some of them will make noises when they get really excited and they do a little dance called a “weasel war dance”. They are all unique and have different quirks. For example, Clyde, my ferret, likes to steal crusts, shoes, plungers, and a few other things that are a lot bigger than him. He loves blueberries, porridge, and Captain Crunch, but really doesn’t like strawberries or most types of pepperoni. He likes to give kisses, his favourite place to sleep is in any drawer, playing in and with plastic bags, and if he feels like it he loves to cuddle up and sleep on my lap or stomach.

All in all, ferrets are pretty easy going animals. They are so far from being rodents, they separate at class under the scientific classifications. Where rodents are “Rodentia”, ferrets are “Carnivora” and are more closes related to weasels. They are not at all viscous, are fun loving and easy to fall in love with. They make amazing pets and get along with any other animal in the house, as they just want to play. Ferrets are quite small, they can be anywhere from 17 inches and can get up to 25 inches in length when full grown. They do have a cage, but really love to run around and explore. So if you’re looking for an easy and fun loving animal, ferrets are the perfect animal for you.