The Pitbull Law

If dogs are said to be a man’s best friend, why is the Ontario government trying to cause the extinction of a specific dog breed? Many people love pit bulls, but that did not stop the government from passing the “Pitbull Law” which states that no pit bulls are to be sold, bred, or imported into the province of Ontario. Why is it acceptable to pass judgement on one type of dog breed when the same treatment would not be tolerated for humans? How is this law fair to the loyal owners that love the breed? Did the government consider that the dog’s bad behaviour could be a result of poor training? Overall, it is unfair for a dog breed to be banned simply because of a societal stereotype.

Everything comes in different shapes, sizes, and colours and it has been instilled from a young age not to judge based on those differences. However, the pitbull does not get that type of respect, as many people jump at the chance to judge them.  Just because the pitbull has a larger body and may appear scarier than most other dog breeds people assume that they are vicious
and simply want to attack. Jumping to that conclusion is like stereotyping a man with a bigger build as someone that wants to harm other individuals. We know this is not true, as most men that have bigger builds are very friendly. This realization of an obvious stereotype could go for pit bulls too, as most of the pit bulls are friendly and just like any other dog.  Unfortunately, unlike humans they are not considered to be equals with other dogs and are treated as if they are horrible
creatures that don’t deserve to live.

The treatment of the pitbull breed is unquestionably unfair to owners and breeders alike.  Most owners have grown up with pitbulls and
have a developed an attachment to the breed, and now are being told that they are not allowed to have them any longer. While many of the breeders are finding themselves having to make the choice between leaving their family and their home to move to a province that
allows pitbulls, or staying in Ontario and living without the dog they adore and losing the income that they were making by selling the puppies.  This is a very hard decision that these individuals should not even have to consider making, and yet they are still being forced to do so.

Although some owners take excellent care of their pets, there are some that should not have a pitbull or any other dog to begin with.  Many people that own a dog do not know how to properly care for them and they do not give them the attention they need. As a result, dogs start to develop bad behaviour and it is due to this behaviour that some dogs end up attacking. Even though other dogs are known to attack, pit bulls are the only dogs that are being punished, which is truly unfair. Since other dogs do attack it shows that it is not just pitbull, but rather the owners that have role in how their dogs behave. Therefore, it is inexcusable to put all the blame on the dog, while the owners do not get any punishment. The dogs are not the ones in control, and for this reason the owner is the one who needs to be punished.

Overall, pit bulls should not be banned from Ontario simply because of a societal stereotype.  It is unfair to the dog to be judged just
because they have a bigger body type, it is unfair to the owners that love and breed them, and it is unthinkable to punish a dog for an owner’s neglect. Therefore, for these, and countless other reasons, the pit bull ban should be dropped.