The Role of Music in Everyday Life

Have you ever wondered why one listens to a particular song or a particular genre? Music is everywhere. The way music can affect one’s mood drastically is amazing. Not only does music affect moods, it can affect people’s lifestyles, the way they dress, and in some cases, how they act. It is fascinating to think that a single song or a certain band can have such a drastic effect on a person’s life.

Imagine the movie “The Sound of Music”. It is a good movie with a beautiful soundtrack. Now picture that movie without music. It would not have the same emotional effect as does with the soundtrack. This is because music is a powerful influence on one’s mood. Music can pump one up while working out or before the big game, it can relieve stress and anxiety, and sometimes give an irresistible urge to get up and dance. Different genres of music have different effects on a person’s mood. Rock music is generally motivational, while pop and techno music can improve a person’s joyful mood, and romantic love songs can increase one’s desire for romance. The addition of a splash of music to your daily life can help maintain physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

When thinking about a particular type of music, or a certain genre, one can end up with a stereotypical view of the genre. The genre rock music, for example, is stereotyped as the participants having long hair and leather clothing, while the country genre’s appearance is that of a cowboy, with the textbook hat, jeans and plaid shirt. If thought about, these types of outfits cross onto the fans as well. The rock fan will wear spiked bracers and their favorite band’s shirt, while the techno fan will wear wide baggy pants and a light shirt for easier movement. Music can affect more than a perspective or outfit, and can include the actions of an individual.

When asked to think of a stereotypical rock enthusiast or fan and how they act, the first thing that would come to mind is hair flipping and head banging. Sometimes the idea of aggression or brute force may come to mind. This is just one example of how music can affect the actions of a person. Another way is when one sees their favorite singer or their favourite band act a certain way, whether on stage or on the street, and they may subconsciously or consciously mimic these actions. Whether the action is confidence or a bit of shyness, the effect is still there.

Music is a form of expression. Anyone can write poetry create amazing pieces when the mind is up for the task. This poetry is the basis of music, and can be anything from a small idea that pops into the mind, to being from a personal experience of the writer. Once the poetry is written, instruments may be added to further deepen the emotion behind the music and to further influence the listener.

In short music can be used as an art, a release, and a way of life. Music has always been growing in popularity and will always continue to grow with more artists entering the music scene every day. Music will continue to influence the majority of the world’s inhabitants until the end of time.