Child Labour- We must STOP it

If I was the leader of the free world and I had my chance to address any issue, without a heartbeat I could make my choice. In the world today there are many erroneous issues such as war, poverty, abuse, animal testing, discrimination, global warming and much more, but the one that touches me the most is an issue which should have never started. It is something which young children from ages five to fourteen are involved in. Can you guess it? Child Labour. This is important to me because I do not believe it is right nor do these children deserve these conditions. Coming from a large family and realizing that all of my younger brothers could be working in a factory disgusts me. Although I do believe that young adults should gain a sense of responsibility, a feeling of a stable job, and some extra money. Not all forms of work display a positive effect on children. Around two hundred and fifty children in undeveloped and unstable countries are suffering from child labour in horrid conditions. It is exploitative and inhumane. It is a myth that child labour is only a problem in undeveloped countries, children routinely work in industrialized hazardous all over the world. Child labour is a global crisis. This issue needs to be spread and conquered.

To help overcome this issue I would let the public know more about child labour and immediately abolish it. It is not appropriate, or legal. The real cause of child labour is simple: poverty. There is no doubt that poverty is the primary cause of child labour. If we are to help countries further develop, we need to reduce child labour and support universal education. Education should be affordable and accessible to all children. Countries registering the highest rates of child labour are among the poorest. Most factors relate to each other, if we can overcome child labour we can overcome poverty. We first need to provide children and their families with another source of income, creating more jobs in their village’s  increases employment. Children work as slaves because they are forced; this is their daily family income. If these children had the chance not to work it would be possible for them to enrol in school.  To abolish child labour there will be a loss of thousands of jobs with no one to take their place. Giving the jobs of the children to their adult relatives benefits everyone, this way the family does not suffer, and indeed should be better off. Adult wages are generally much higher than child wages which benefits the whole family. Any company that has child workers will be banned and the company will be shut down. If they continue to survive boycotting their products will impact them. Economic incentives take a huge role in this industry.

To conclude, this issue is important and should be addressed because child labour needs to be defeated for all the trouble it has caused to the millions of children. The public deserves to know more about this important issue and it needs to be conquered.