D2L Seminar Resources

ignite banner

This is the link to our sandbox: HWDSB eLearning. There are 8 new logins created from ignite1 to ignite8 as users. We will divide up the class and assign the logins.

There are various web sites that offer free software for creating content. GIMP.COM offers free image manipulating software. The Apple App store has various ones, for example AVIARY. There is a cool App called Show Me, where you can capture your work on a “white board” to demonstrate any type of math or science problem to students. You can access loads of different and interesting fonts at DAFONT.COM from cartoon to horror. Each font describes their own sharing parameters.

Link to VIMEO Album D2L Platform Tutorials


Dropbox links:
Photography Unit Images  Link to ZIP FILE
Short Story Unit Images  Link to ZIP FILE
Link for Banners for Various Subjects  Link to ZIP FILE

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