iBooks Author


iBooks Author is a easy to use program that you can use to create a digital interactive book for viewing on an iPhone, iPod or iPad. Your device needs to have iBooks installed (You can the find iBooks App HERE, it is available through iTunes) plus the OS of your device will have to be upgraded to at least ios5. You can have slide shows and video, but you don’t want a file larger than 300MB, so be careful with the size of your media.

Apple has created a good resource of “how to” HERE. You can find iBooks Author through the APP store.

The process includes:

1.  Make an account with Apple,

2. Make an account with iTunes Connect  This is where you will manage any books that you upload to iTunes.

3. Download  iTunes Producer which then allows you to upload your finished book to iTunes.

I have made a PDF Media Arts of the book if you want to just see the formatting. Once exported to PDF, the interactivity is gone and no videos or slideshows will play. Once you create your iBook, you will want to upload it to iTunes.

I created a sample book just to see how the process works. You can find the educational book on iTunes and download it for free. I have kept the videos to a minimum so that the file would be small for easy reference.Media Arts - Wendy Melnick

The process includes making an account with Apple, make an account with iTunes Connect  – you must do this before you can download iTunes Producer which then allows you to upload your finished book to iTunes.

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