Adobe TV has tutorials on all the aspects of using InDesign. The main link is HERE.

Take a look at Ava’s amazing magazine that she has produced with InDesign and posted on blogpost: IILA MAGAZINE

This is a list of the ones important for the beginner:

Setting up a new document.

Adding Page Numbering how to add page numbers to your document

Understanding text frames Shows you how to create text boxes of various shapes and sizes for you to type into. It also shows you how to paste text from other documents quickly and easily from other documents.

Importing Graphics Shows you how to easily place images into your document. You can import Photoshop jpg/psd and Illustrator files ai and InDesign files plus it shows you how to put images onto the art board beside your page.

Selecting Objects

Creating and Applying Paragraph Styles

Applying Captions to Images in your document with descriptions/references

Templates of various types of pages are on this web site.

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