Collaborative Documentary Project 2009.

Our grade 12 Media Arts class collaborated with the 4th year History class from McMaster under the guidance of Professor Cruikshank.

The McMaster students visited the classroom on several occasions and were paired with small groups of students from our class. Each group worked on a documentary/web site project. The McMaster students provided the content, and our students produced the documentaries and web sites.  Our students produced 30 – 50 minute documentaries based on issues that their McMaster counterparts researched. Our students met at various locations around the city (including a class bus tour) to get the shots needed to build their documentaries, then designed the web interface that showcased the research and the documentary. It was quite the undertaking, with all student exercising leadership, accountability, and personal responsibility.

It was a rewarding project and all the students learned valuable lessons on collaboration, communication and project management.

Flat Classroom Project 2010

Malcolm Scott won the distinction of  best video  for the 2010 Flat Classroom Project. Schools from around the world collaborated on this technology project based on Thomas Friedman’s book The World is Flat. Over 300 students from around the globe participated in this exciting project. Students collaborated on a wiki, plus produced a documentary based on various trends in technology.  You can visit the Flat Classroom Wiki site here. View the Google map showing the participating countries.

The Pixellation


The Music Video

The Documentary

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