Web Site Choices

Web Sites
When considering building your own web site, there are many options, but what to choose, a wiki, a blog or a traditional web site? There is nothing traditional about the new web site builders.

Weebly.com offers a full range of capabilities to build your site: images, movies, links. It is as easy as working with wordpress (ok, so really easy). No need to buy web space or a domain name – it’s all taken care of. You may use a domain name of your own if you wish. Editing is done in real time, then uploaded to their site. Check out the features on the weebly web site.

The wordpress blog is another option. This site provides the space and the name for you. You may upload images and files, create pages, links and forms. You must embed videos though, since uploading directly costs extra. WordPress blog allows visitors to post comments directly onto your blog. You can organize your blogs by using categories. Your blog posts can be searched by date or category. There are levels of participation that you can designate to each user, plus a feature to lock a particular page with a password.
Of course, there are many sites that feature blog hosting, so there are numerous choices at your disposal.

A wiki is another form of web site. This type of web site allows users to login, then edit the pages along with you. The edits cannot be made synchronously, but entries must be made and saved individually for each author. These edits can be tracked in the history and each page has a discussion tab. You can add as many pages as you want, plus sub pages. You can separate pages out for editing and some for reading only. You can check out wikis at Wikispaces, a solid option that runs the wikipedia site.

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