Westdale Film Festival

Imagine the auditorium a buzz with excitement as the Oscar winners rush on stage to receive their prize. The audience laughs and gasps during the screening of the winning films. This is how student work should be  shared!

Former Westdale students, Stefan Pejic, David Gunn and Khalin Elliott, once the stars of the Media Art program, are now  celebrating the new talent and presenting the Oscars. We also had Nathan Fleet, an established musician and successful filmmaker and curator of the Hamilton Film Festival  return to present the best short films. All the films were judged by our returning student presenters, plus Lock 3 Media, a documentary film production company and Miles Davren, film editor.

Photos from the show, the crowd – Junior and Senior assemblies, Andre  for  tech, our student MCs, Dan, Taylor, Milos and John Connolly teacher MC.

The winners are posted on our Vimeo Channel

Next year I think that we will be combining the junior and senior assemblies in order to show all the films to all the students. It is good for the juniors to see what the seniors are producing.

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