Solar by Ian McEwan

“What he was about to do could not be undone. He would be putting his innocence behind him. He dipped the head of the hammer in the puddle of blood, smeared the handle, and set is aside to dry. Next he took the used paper tissue and bloodied that too, and pushed it under the sofa, well out of sight. The comb was trickier, just as he had anticipated. He pulled away some hair from between the teeth and managed to place some between … [the] fingers.” Excerpt from Solar, page 107 paperback edition.

The protagonist, Michael Beard’s life: Nobel Prize winner, five time loser husband, over weight sleaze ball, junk food lover, devious, saviour of the planet –  what??

This tale is for the mature at heart – not really interesting even for me as the story is strictly from a middle aged man’s point of view. While some scenes are quite funny, they generally seem to repeat themselves and we are faced time and again with the characters narrow point of view.

Ian McEwan is a critically acclaimed writer. His books include Atonement, Enduring Love and Saturday. A list of his works HERE

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