1 or nothing

This is my first screen play.. with my weak grammar.

It’s pretty short screen play, but enjoy it 🙂


There are 2 guys, Josh and Daniel. Josh and Daniel are really smart. But Josh was always first one and Daniel was always second one. One day, Daniel gets the highest mark in his school and Josh gets second mark. Josh gets mad because he does not get the highest mark.


Teacher: Here’s your mark guys. Daniel, you did great job this time!

Josh: What was just happened? Oh My God. I’m not the highest one?

Daniel: I won this time, Josh. You better give up.

Josh: It shouldn’t be happened! It’s because of you! Daniel, you should disappear in this world.

Josh kills Daniel because he did not get the highest mark. Josh starts to be crazy. He isn’t normal. He is crazy.


Teacher: Is everyone here?

Students: Josh and Daniel are away.

Teacher: They went to washroom 20 minutes ago. John, Go and check it.

So John goes to washroom to check them.


John goes into the washroom and sees Daniel’s corp and gets shocked. Suddenly, there is an announcement.


John was frozen and did not know what to do. He locked the washroom door.


Announcement: Code Green!

John thinks it is not dangerous anymore. John goes back to the class and sees classmates’ corps. John tries to call the police and escape the school, but there is no signal in school and all the doors were closed.

John: I have to escape this place.

Suddenly, Daniel appears.

Daniel: You are the last one, John.

John: How can you do that to people?

Daniel: If I cannot be the first place, I will kill everyone instead of being a loser.

John: You cannot be the first place. Killing people does not make you first place. But the only way you can be successful is trying hard, not killing your rival.

Daniel: So you are saying that I did not try hard? Is that why I’m not the best one? Then I will just kill myself. That will make it better, right?

John: NOOOO!!

Daniel kills himself.

John: Daniel… You are an unfortunate one. I’ll miss you… forever..

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