ASM3M First Day

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This exercise helps us to understand you and your understanding of multimedia.
Media Art Expectation: Connections Beyond the Classroom: demonstrate an understanding of the types of knowledge and skills developed in media arts and how they can be used outside the media arts classroom.

Here are some links to the various colleges and universities that offer media programs.

Ryerson School of Image Arts

Ryerson School of Radio and Television Arts

Sheridan Media Arts Program

Niagara College School of Media and Design

Mohawk College Media and Entertainment Programs

Challenge for today: Visit the web sites above and check out the programs available. Write a comment below on how you think that you could use any skills learned here in Media Arts in your future endeavours. Remember that most careers involve a knowledge of graphic arts in the production of presentations, marketing materials, reports etc.; film is used frequently in political campaigns, marketing of course and communication, not just feature films, short films and documentaries; Internet tools and platforms are a mainstay of most if not all workplaces today; global collaboration is becoming the way to do business today. What are your future plans?

8 thoughts on “ASM3M First Day

  1. With the developing technology, media of all forms have been dominating the everyday life of people all over the world. From radios to motion pictures to black and white movies and now to 3-D movies, from mails to telephones to face-time or skype, what we are witnessing is an ever-changing quick-pace global society. Not only are these forms of media limited to the entertainment industry like they were before, but they also lead a crucial role in the ways we present ourselves and communicate with others. Blogs, websites and online profiles are wonderful ways to introduce oneself to strangers. Abroad interviews and important meetings have been conducted during video chats. Multimedia presentations, posters, documentaries and presentations of data are common business strategies. With media, communication beyond the power of words are reached through; The greatest distance has been minimized to none; The impossibles are now rendered to be possible;
    Henceforth, media has evidently been an important component of our lives, and the ability to master and manipulate these skills to the advantages of ourselves are demanding. To me, they are especially useful. I am considering a career in the field of marketing, and one common task involved in marketing is to explain and sell your area of specialty to other people who are not so strong in what you do. The marketers are responsible to communicate their ideas to people who are strange to them. The communication is then the key to open many doors. Powerpoint presentations are often used in meetings. Graphs are often used to show analysis from data collected, and they allow data to be better presented in ways comprehensive to the general population. Documentaries are a common and professional method to present facts and allow different voices and opinions to be incorporated. Therefore, to grasp these skills enhances the competitiveness of an individual in the working environment.

  2. I want to be able to use the skills from this class to incorporate media productions into presentations or projects at the workplace.

  3. I found the wide range of possibilities open to students pursuing a career in Media Arts to be exceptionally encouraging. While I am not planning to get a post-secondary education in any of the fields, it is thrilling to know how much our needs as a society are changing. In a time when the majority of physical and analytical work can be completed by computers and machines, it is necessary for human beings to become involved in aesthetics; art. As someone who intends to make a career of writing, and of literature in general, the options provided for those who wish to enter graphic design, film-making, and script-writing are encouraging and heartening.

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