Music Video Assignment 2012

Music Video Requirements:

Duration: 3 – 5 minutes including credits

Use one other  software program from this list:  Photoshop, Motion, After Effects

Any lip synching must be accurate

Production Logo: an original image reflective of the personality of your production group (not taken off the internet)

Song: lyrics must be pre-approved. No swearing or inappropriate sexual references or anything that is culturally/racially insensitive or violent allowed.

Credits must include all actors, the song used, camera man, editors. They must be easy to read.

Maximum 4 group members. You may hire as many actors as you want, from this class or your friends. If you need someone during class time from another class, please get that teacher’s permission (I can write a note to that teacher). You can also borrow the camera over-night and on the week-end.

You must use a tri-pod. Shaky camera work will result in lost marks.

Make sure your footage is not blurry, blown out by too much light or hard to see for lack of light.

Remember all films made for Westdale are free of violence, weapons of any kind (guns, knives etc), sexually explicit images, culturally/racially insensitive material, drug use, alcohol, humiliation or mocking behaviour.


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