Visual Heritage Project

Lock 3 Media is working on a historical documentary about the war of 1812. They have just started a series of re-enactments that will continue until October, staged in the most important locations for the war.

I was privileged to be serving the fine militia men of both the US and Canada to ensure they were properly fed for the re-enactment at the McCrae House. The McCrae house was built in 1812. Thomas McCrae paid for it with the reward money that he had received at the capture of Detroit. After the Battle of the Thames, the Americans used it as their headquarters for the region. In December of 1813, Lt Henry Medcalf of the Norfolk Militia led a group of men from the Norfolk, Middlesex and Kent Militias on an early morning raid that captured the American garrison. This was the first Canadian all militia act of the war.

Visit the Facebook Page:  A Desert Between Us and Them Southwestern Ontario During the War of 1812

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