A Train in Winter

Biographer and human rights journalist, Caroline Moorehead writes of the 230 women who worked as Resistance Fighters in France during WWII. Their story is heart wrenching, as they survive the French prison châteaux de la mort lente and then deportation to the female concentration camp of Auschwitz, Birkenau, where many died tortuous deaths, only 49 would survive. Moorehead interviewed many of the surviving women and their families and researched the resistance organization to discover a story both riveting and tragic.

New York Times book review link.A Train in Winter

One thought on “A Train in Winter

  1. Wow, this story sounds super interesting! It is always impressive how different people reacted during the war. This seems like one that go deeper into a more unknown topic of the war. If you are interested, here is a blog that focuses on visiting sites now, that have a historical world war two significance: http://www.discoverww2now.wordpress.com

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