5 Hour Film Challenge

8Westdale has hosted two 5 Hour Film Challenges this year, one at Halloween and one in May. They were both astounding successes with May’s participation rate at almost 200 students. The winner of the Halloween Challenge was The Written Love. May’s Challenge was a tie with Twinkle Toes and Forest Men both winning the medals. All of the videos are posted HERE.

Each team was given a line of dialogue that they had to incorporate into their film. All their filming had to be original and had to be completed by exactly 4:00pm. We screened all the entries and announced the winner in a special auditorium screening a couple of days later.

It was an amazing day where the students were completely engaged in creating their short films. 23456791011121416


Telling Your Story

Stories are an ancient form of communication that has been around as long as man has been on this earth. Stories are told for instructional purposes, for handing down traditions, for historical legacy, for entertainment, for learning how to live in this world. Stories were first spoken, then with the advent of written language came the printed page. We have moved to the virtual page and this is the step we will take with sharing our stories.

Writing is a challenge. It calls us to gather all of our strength, determination and imagination. It will take hard work to make a good story. A historical fiction demands even more of us – attention to accurate detail – the landscape, the culture, the emotion.

Authenticity. Excitement. Engagement. Suspense. Surprise. Delight. We want our readers to start with the first word and be so enthralled they read furiously through the night. So muster up your courage and get that first word down on virtual paper – start your first blog post. We will use this blog to engage in the process of writing, invite feedback and generate ideas.