The Game Changer for the Book Industry?

If this doesn’t engage those students who are disenchanted with the status quo – will anything?? It has everything a reluctant reader could wish for – interactivity, amazing graphics, the all important cool factor and even words! Learning is supposed to be a discovery, an exciting journey. It won’t be long before the students will be creating books like that on their own.

Game Links

Eduweb develops award-winning digital learning games and interactives about art, history, science and technology for the web, museum exhibits, and mobile devices.
They have a variety of online games for students that are diverse in their objectives.

The WolfQuest game is an immersive 3D multiplayer game that brings the compelling action of video games to informal science learning. Players live the life of a wild wolf in Yellowstone National Part, learning about hunting strategies, pack dynamics and ecological systems. The learning extends beyond the game in a thriving online community.