Melissa Steep, Hamilton Graphic Designer

The grade 12 Media Art class was privileged to have Melissa Steep visit and share her story. Teenagers are a tough crowd, but she was able to engage them with her sincere, forthright manner. Advice on how to create effectively, what to study post-high school, and how to handle clients were just a few of the valuable insights that she shared. She is currently working as Creative Director for Break Left Media. Check out the “Top 10 Things I’ve Learned While Being a Graphic Designer”  Top 10 Things I’ve Learned while being a Graphic Designer

Media Programs in University & College

Here are some links to the various colleges and universities that offer media programs.

Ryerson School of Image Arts

Ryerson School of Radio and Television Arts

Sheridan Media Arts Program

Niagara College School of Media and Design

Mohawk College Media and Entertainment Programs

Vancouver Film School