Short Film Editing for ASM3M

We are coming to the editing part of the filming process. Please take turns editing the film. Your group will also be responsible for creating the following from your film footage:

1. movie trailer 1 minute (Short Film Rubric_ASM3M)

2. movie poster 8 1/2 x 11  72dpi (Movie poster Rubric)

3. press releasewith description of film’s story line, locations, director’s decisions and any details that the audience would be interested in including who is in the film, publicity photos of each actor, director and camera operator. Write a short BIO for each actor, director and camera operator – this may be fictional but has to be consistent with film and it’s objectives. Perhaps there is a story about an incident that happened on set during one day of filming. (Press Release Rubric)

Official Looper press release HERE

4. Post your movie trailer and poster here on this site. You will receive an invite to join this blog. Categorize your movie trailer as movie trailer and embed it from our VIMEO group. Categorize  your poster as movie poster with resolution at 72dpi. You can also post them together in one post. If you want to be ambitious, you may create your own blog dedicated to your movie.

Official Looper press release HERE