Topics for NetGen Project

The NetGen Project

Each team has a Google Document assigned to them to help organize their work. Your team is accountable to this document. All of your work will be posted on this document before it is presented on the NETGEN wiki.
All of the links relevant to your team are posted on your Google Document.

All details pertaining to your wiki posts and documentary are on your Google Document.

Follow our  Calendar to ensure that you have your wiki post and documentary in on time.

Wiki Post: minimum  500 words, 2 images, 3 links, stats, quotes from experts, embed video

Documentary: all original footage, stats, expert opinion, interviews, demonstration of technology.  The rubric for the documentary is HERE

Joining the NetGen Project: NING

Go to the Flat Classroom NING
1. Sign up by clicking the SIGN UP words on the right hand side of the wiki. Create an account, using the following formula for the NAME area of the sign up window: JohnD_WSS (first name, last Capitalized initial, underscore, WSS). You must add this in the name area, as there is no option to create a login.

  2. Join the NetGenEd Student Group in the dropdown menu NetGenEd Project.

3. Update your profile page with your school information, an appropriate avatar image,  any interests that you would like to share with the group, etc. You will also create a welcome message either written or a short video.Do not upload any images that are not relevant to the project.

4. Friend all those in our class and those students on your Project Team – and me.