Light Sleeper



Bryson and Nate are eating cereal for breakfast at the dinning room table in Bryson and Nate’s house. On that table are two bowls of cereal and a radio. the radio is very quiet. its approximately  9:30 am. Nate looks to Bryson.


Nate: Yo, Turn that up.


Bryson goes to turn the radio up.


Radio: A Nerd with red pants and glasses been found dead at a local park near West 5th. The killer is still at large, police have no leads on the suspect. If you live in the area of West 5th and Mohawk you are encouraged to lock your doors immediately.


Nate: man i feel bad for that nerd.



Bryson: Dude, we live a block from Mohawk. aren’t you worried?


Nate: don’t even worry about it man, and remember i’m hanging out with mara tonight and I wont be home till’ late.



Bryson: alright man.


Nate gets up from the table and walks into the kitchen. Bryson is still eating breakfast at the table.




It’s 11:30pm and Bryson is in his room, about to get into bed and go to sleep for the night. as he gets into his bed he pulls the covers over his body and prepares to go to sleep.


4 hours pass by and scary music is heard coming from the dining room. Bryson awakes from a deep sleep. he throws the covers off of him and begins to walk to his bedroom door. He opens the door nervously. he begins to walk slowy to the top of the stairs.


Bryson begins to walk down the stairs, as he approaches the bottom step he reaches for a bat leaned against the base of the railing. The music has gotten extremely louder. he walks  into the dining room where the music is being played from. he prepares for the worst as he turns on the light. as he turns it on he begins to grip the bat tightly. when the light comes on Bryson lets out a battle cry. Nate is on his laptop at the table listening to music. Nate screams in terror.


Bryson: dude what the hell?!


Nate: WHAT!? WHAT!? WHAT!?



Bryson: you scared the crap out of me man!


Nate: oh crap man, sorry! ill grab some headphones.


Bryson: thank you, god.


brytson leaves the room and places the bat against the railing where it was originally was. Nate grabs a pair of headphones from his pocket, and begins to put them in his ears and plug the jack into  his laptop.




It’s 2:33am and Bryson is sleeping in his bed. Pots and pans are heard banging from the kitchen. for the second night in a row. Bryson throws the covers of of himself. he gets out of bed and walks to his door. he opens it slowly and begins to walk down the hall and down the he reaches the bottom of the stairs he reaches for the bat once more. he walks into the dining room turning on the light. No one is in the dining room. he begins to walk to the kitchen. as he reaches the kitchen he turns on the light, less nervous than last night. as he turns the light on Nate is seen rooting around in the cupboard. Nate looks at Bryson and says:


Nate: sorry man I open the cupboard and all the pots and pans fell out. sorry if i woke you.


bryson: for god sakes man just keep it down. this is the second night in a row.



Nate: I know sorry man, wont happen again i swear.


Bryson: you better hope so. if i have to come down tomorrow night, its going to be your ass.


Nate: ok man, chill.


Bryson leaves the kitchen and goes into the dining room and proceeds back upstairs to bed. Nate is still rooting around the in cupboard and is thinking out loud.




Bryson is laying in bed, and several loud thuds are heard coming from the dining room. Bryson, opens his eyes and has a angry look on his face. he gets out of bed adn quickly walks to his door, he opens it and proceeds to walk down stairs. as he looks for the bat, the bat isn’t against the railing where he had left it. Bryson begins walking into the dining room more nervous than before. as he walks into the dining room he turns on the light. Bryson sees Nate dragging in a dead body. Nate drops the body and looks at Bryson in shock. Bryson stares at Nate with a surprised look om his face.


Bryson: Need a hand?










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