shot of gloved hands clenching in a dark room

person walks down a dark hallway, a door creaks open
and you see a tiny light but no objects. Wide shot of an old house,
person screams. Young girl runs out of house screaming. Shot of moon
while she dials 911, then sirens start.

Police man 1: “Tell me what happened.”

Girl: “I’m not entirely sure, I was downstairs when i
heard my mother scream. By the time I got upstairs she was lying on the
ground not breathing.”

Police man 1: “Did you see anyone?”

Girl: “No, but I know it was my dad, he killed her then ran.”

Police man 1: “You’re sure?”

Girl: “I’m sure.”

Police man 1 walks over to other police and tells them what he just heard.

Police man 2: “This doesn’t make any sense. Her father has been away at war for 6 months.

Police man 1: “Then what happened in there?”

Shot of the house.


Shot of a car driving into a driveway or a house.

Woman: “Well, here we are.”

Car stops and woman gets out opens trunk to get some bags. The young girl slowly gets out looking at the house.

Woman: “I know it’s not much but it’s home. Why don’t we go inside.”

Woman and girl go inside.

Woman: “Guys, come on down here Aliza’s here!”

Shot of a staircase and a girl about 20, a girl about 16, a boy about 8 and a man and a baby come down them.

20 year old girl: “Hi Aliza! I’m Jenny, this is Sarah, Ben, Aiden.

Girl shyly smiles and says hi.

Man: “I’m Dylan, Amy’s wife, it’s nice to have you here.”

Girl: “Thanks”

Amy: “Why don’t you show Aliza her room Jenny?”

Jenny nodds, grabs Aliza’s bags and leads her upstairs to a small room.

Jenny: “I’ll let you get settled then give you a tour of the house.”

Aliza: “Thanks.”

Jenny leaves room and shuts the door. Aliza looks
around the room and walks over to the window and looks outside. She
turns back around and walks over to her bags and starts to unpack. The
last bag she opens is filled with chemical substances. Close up on
Aliza’s face with a mischievous smile.


Shot of outside police station then the inside where 2 men and 1 woman are talking.

Police man 1: “I’m telling you, there was definitely
no one else in that house that night. We’ve searched everywhere for a
sign of an intruder, we’ve asked the neighborhood if they saw anything
and they said no.”

Police woman : “I don’t think it was suicide either. There was clearly a sign of struggle.”

Police man 3: “Has anyone done any background research on Aliza?”

Police woman: “All it says is that she’s very gifted, especially in science.”

Police man 1: “That gets us nowhere.”

Police woman: “Maybe not, but she’s pretty smart, she could have been lying.”


Aliza is wandering around her new house while
everyone is out. She finds a door and opens it. Shot of a staircase
going down. Aliza walks down them and finds a small abandoned basement
with only a desk, one light and no windows.

Aliza: “This will do.”

Aliza goes back upstairs and comes down a few moments
later carrying her chemicals. She sets them up and starts working on a
project. A few hours later Aliza stops working and goes back upstairs.
Shot of a calendar.

Aliza: “Just 2 more days and it’ll all be over.”


The next day Aliza goes to an old warehouse by
herself. She takes the still functioning elevator to the second floor
and walks down a hallway hearing voices of people.

Aliza: “Hi, I’m Aliza, Jason’s daughter.”

Nurse: “Oh how nice of you to drop by Aliza! I’ll go get him right now if you’d like.”

Aliza: “Oh no that’s ok, I’m just here to help you out today if you need it.”

Nurse: “Oh well yes that’d be lovely, why don’t you just keep people company?”

Aliza: “Sure.”

Aliza looks around the room and sees and old lady sitting by herself and talking to herself. Aliza walks over and says hello.

old lady: “Jim?”

Aliza: “No, Jim isn’t here, but why don’t you tell me about him.”

The old lady tells Aliza about her husband Jim who died years ago but she can’t let him go.

Old lady: “Oh but enough about me, why is a young girl like you here?”

Aliza: “Oh just to talk. Perhaps I could tell you a story?

Old lady: “Oh that would be nice thank you.”

Aliza tells the old lady about how a few days ago her
dad killed her mother the was brought here for being insane and how
she’d eventually get revenge,

Old lady: “This must be so hard for you.”

Aliza looks out a window then down at her feet and
back to the old lady, it’s much easier than you’d think, then smiles. A
litte while later when everyone’s gone to dinner, Aliza goes off by
herself and looks around the building. She finds a small place with no
cameras watching her.

Aliza: “See you tomorrow.”

Smiling, she walks home.


Police man: “I’m starting to think something is wrong
with Aliza. She’s not a normal 12 year old. There’s something very
different about her. And I’m sure she’s the one who killed her mother.”

Police woman: “How do you know that?”

Police man: “Well, I found these gloves in a trash
can in the kitchen of her house. It has the mothers DNA all over them.
And Aliza’s inside them. There were marks on the mothers neck, she was
choked to death. For a gifted girl, she didn’t hide her evidence very

Police woman: “Why would she kill her own mother?”

Police man: “Well that’s the problem. She insists
that her father killed her mother, but he hasn’t been there for years.
I’m thinking Aliza might have a mental issue.

Police woman: “Perhaps we should pay a visit to her house.”


Next day, a police car pulls up to Aliza’s house. A man and woman get out and ring the doorbell. Amy answers.

Amy: “Hello, officer. How can I help you?”

Police man: “Is Aliza here? We’d like to speak to her.”

Amy: “I’m afraid not. She’s out.”

Police woman: “Do you know where?”

Amy: “I think she went for a walk maybe. She said she’d be back soon, you could wait here if you’d like.”

police woman: “I think we will thank you, perhaps we could as kyou a few questions while we wait as well.”

Amy: “Of course, come in.”

Police man: “Thank you.”

The 3 of them enter the house.


Aliza is back in the small room with no cameras
holding a glass or some liquid. She starts pouring it into a plumbing
tube. When the glass is empty Aliza drops it and starts running. As you
see Aliza running all you can hear is her heartbeat and panting. You
hear muted explosion sounds as the screen fades to black.


Back at Aliza’s house the police man’s phone rings.

Police man: “hello?…Okay, we’ll be right there.”

Police woman: “What was that?”

Police man: “The old abandoned warehouse has exploded. They found a girl but haven’t identified her yet, we have to go.”

The police leave the house and hurry over to the
warehouse which is still smoking and in a pile with firemen putting out
fires and ash going everywhere.

Detective: “You just got here in time, they’ve identified the girl. It’s Aliza Smith. She was here when the building blew up.”

Both of the police look at the detectice in shock.
They all turn their attention to a stretcher covered up goes by with 2
paramedics on each side. Theres on arm dangling off the side with a
bracelet. Close up of the bracelet that says “love you forever

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