The Afterlife of Stars

Canadian author Joseph Kertes releases this novel this month (September 2014). It follows the life of two brothers starting from their escape from Hungary in 1956. Joseph himself had fled Hungary with his family in 1956, so he is well able to establish the credibility of this story. It begins when the Russians invade Hungary to crust the Hungarian Revolution and the brothers Robert and Attila Beck escape with their family to their great-aunt’s house in Paris. They experience heartbreak, loss and terror as they literally run for their lives out of Hungary. The story is told from their perspective which gives the story a fresh, humourous approach. The author does tend to ramble on a bit, but it is a small price to pay for this solid story. Joseph Kertes founded Humber College’s creative writing and comedy programs. He is currently Humber’s Dean of Creative and Performing Arts.

the afterlife of stars

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